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Employability Skills

In the current scenario un-employability is a bigger problem than unemployment as there is a mismatch of skills required to be employed. Un-employability ‘meaning not acceptable for employment’ due to lack of skills that employers look for, is a major issue to be combated to bring down the level of unemployment.
Though many institutions of excellence are branching out and new courses are being designed to meet the needs of today unemployment seems to be on a rise. A recent research found that close to 60 lakh students graduate every year in several disciplines in India and very few of them are deemed fit for unemployment. Over 50% of these graduates lack basic employable skills.
The key to getting a job is a good degree, right mix of skills, abilities and personal qualities. According to International Labour Organisation there are currently millions of unemployed youth worldwide and millions of young workers living in poverty. The youth unemployment rates remain stubbornly high and finding a decent job of one’s choice to support oneself seems quite difficult. The number of job seekers exceed the number of vacancies therefore a constant demand to create jobs and improve skill sets across developing nations becomes all the more important.
In the globalized world, skills have become increasingly important and apart from vocational or technical skills employers look for other core skills such as to be able to read, write and compute competently, listen and communicate effectively, think creatively, solve problems independently, manage oneself at work, interact with co-workers, work in teams or groups, handle basic technology and lead effectively as well as follow supervision. In such a scenario the skill sets need to be matched to the market demand.

How will this course help the job seekers?

This course thoroughly guides on Employability Skills, Career Planning and Better Job Prospects that aid the jobseekers in many ways. Looking for a job is a planned, structured and a designed process that is 24 x7 job in itself. One has to make conscious and deliberate efforts to look for a job and build one’s career. This course will guide the employment seekers to face the challenges of the labour market -- to network and market oneself, map a career and remain employable throughout life, learn to be able to adapt to changing situations, develop an innovative bent of mind and build global competence in the job market.

This course will help:

  • Be aware of what traits the employers look for in employment-seekers besides their qualification.
  • Understand what different employability skills are.
  • Know why acquiring employability skills is important.
  • Know the ways to inculcate or develop employability skills.
  • Know how to build a CV and evidence these skills in one’s CV or an interview.
  • Teach one to do a self assessment.
  • Help identify one’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identify and explore careers/vocational training of one’s choice

  • Choose a career that fits one’s goals and desired lifestyle
  • Explore alternate contingency plans such as self- employment and entrepreneurship.
  • Identify qualifications and experience necessary to achieve a career of one’s choice.
  • Develop a career achievement plan.
  • Focus on the action steps and prepare a timeline connected to successful achievement of the chosen career.
  • Learn to build a CV.
  • Write job applications, cover letters, CV/resume, thank you and joining letters.
  • Know how to locate job openings.
  • Master interview skills, presentation skills and group discussions.
  • Develop a follow up strategy.
  • Develop a plan for career advancement.
  • Help raise employability competence globally.