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Ettiquette and Life Skills

The course is all about social etiquette, good communication and inter-personal skills that give one an added advantage by bestowing good character and confidence. Implementing manners in life leads to greater opportunities and helps to improve one’s personality especially self-respect. A person who exhibits good manners and follows appropriate behaviour in all situations is liked, praised and respected by all.
Every one ought to feel comfortable in social situations. Knowing how to do this is crucial so as to attain success in life and build harmonious relations. This course, containing the words of wisdom on civility will encourage one to not only reach out and help build confidence to work effectively with others but also to tread the path of exalted living by nurturing peaceful co-existence and will make one familiar with the basic code of conduct that the society follows and expects its members to adhere.
It will help groom and improve one’s overall personality. It will be more helpful to the children as instilling good etiquette from an early age by way of encouragement and reinforcement would help to inculcate good manners and create good community living where there is a respectful concern for fellow beings and surroundings. To feel confident in social situations and have knowledge of social etiquette allows one to conduct oneself and deal with others with ease. Good manners are important to develop a pleasing personality. One’s actions and behaviour are noticed by all and to make a lasting impression one has to be one’s best. Cultivating kindness, thoughtfulness and consideration for others are some of the virtues that add to social ambience.
In different situations one has to observe certain basic acceptable norms of human behaviour. Cultivating correct mannerisms and good behaviour pattern is very important. One’s ability to develop friendly relations, handle difficult people gracefully, conduct elegantly at public places definitely add to decorum, charm and dignity.
The duration of the course is 2 weeks (2 hours per day).